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Happy Lunar New Year and Year of the Ox from Pierogi and Springroll! We're celebrating the new year in style with lots of great recipes from a range of cuisines. We have a mix of entrees, sides, and noodle dishes, as well as vegan and gluten free options listed below. Typically, Lunar New Year might be celebrated with a large family gathering, parades and dragon dances, or one of the many festivals across the city. However, this year will be a bit different as we're still working from home and staying distanced from many of our friends and family members. At least cooking, eating, and spending time with our immediate family is a great way to celebrate. We'll be planning some fun at home cooking, exploring Seattle's Chinatown International District and supporting the amazing local businesses there, and relaxing - taking care of ourselves and each other. There is also a ton of great virtual/distanced events happening this year from Tết in Seattle (cooking classes, nightly story telling, and business promotions), to the annual CID Food Walk, to CSA UW's Lunar New Year Gala. Scroll through the gallery below and click on the photos for links to each of these delicious Lunar New Year-inspired recipes.

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Do you enjoy celebrating Lunar New Year? What are some of your traditions; will the day look different this year? What are your favorite Lunar New Year recipes? Share you favorites in the comment section below.


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