Weekly Trader Joe's Haul

This past weekend, I headed to Trader Joe's in Capitol Hill to try out some new recipes and stock up on some of our favorite frozen foods and snacks. One of my favorite things about Trader Joe's is their focus on high-quality and affordable prepared/frozen foods and seasonal products. Their store is full of delicious, rotating ingredients that make weeknight dinners simple and delicious - especially if you are busy and have just a few minutes to pull together lunch and dinner. Like many folks, I love their frozen meals and salad kits for a cheaper version of take-out. This week, we started our days with either eggs or smoothies for breakfasts. We tried the harissa chicken, spanakopita, Mediterranean salad, and tzatziki for a Mediterranean-inspired dinner. We also made salads and Tik Tok's viral roasted feta and tomato pasta with the harvest grain blend - yes, it is super simple and worth the hype. The mochi cake, cheese crackers, and dried seaweed made for perfect snacks and desserts throughout the day.

Check out what we've got for the week down below; I've included prices for each category for reference. Stay tuned for recipes using these delicious finds in the following posts as well as my "What I eat in a Wednesday" series in my instagram stories. Be sure to check out the latest stories for how we prepared the Trader Joe's Mediterranean Dinner (pictured above).

Produce & Plants

This week, we stocked up on some fruits and vegetables from the produce aisle for morning smoothies and lunch and dinner vegetable sides. In addition to great prepared and frozen foods, Trader Joe's has awesome fruits, vegetables, drinks, and seasonal salad kits. This week we got:

  • Wild boreal blueberries (frozen)

  • Mineola tangelos

  • Grape tomatoes

  • Bananas

  • Mediterranean salad kit

  • Pink lady apple kombucha

  • Almond milk

  • Blood orange rooibos tea

  • Mixed berry sparkling water

  • Cranberry orange sparkling water

  • Chile spiced mango (dried) - a staple in our household that tastes just like candy

  • Teriyaki roasted seaweed snacks

  • Medium salsa especial (fresh)

  • Harvest grain blend (dried) - includes Israeli cous cous, quinoa, lentils, split peas

Total Cost: $35.21

Protein & Packaged Goods

When it comes to protein, we eat everything - plant based proteins, chicken, seafood, eggs/dairy, and red meat. We also try to mix up our snack and packaged options throughout the week for our health and the environment. Trader Joe's has some of the best prepared and frozen food which is perfect for quick, nutritious weeknight meals. This week we got a mix of staples and new items:

  • Eggs - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and baking staple at our house

  • Tzatziki Greek yogurt dip - for veggies and pita chips we already had on hand

  • Shredded Mexican-style cheese

  • Crumbled feta

  • Harissa marinated chicken thighs

  • Pancetta

  • Jalapeno chicken sausage

  • Mini spanakopita (frozen)

  • Mochi cake mix (dry mix)

  • Mini cheese crackers

  • Scandinavian swimmers candy

Total Cost: $44.37

Let's Chat!

What are your Trader Joe's staples? Do you have a favorite recipe for simple weeknight dinners we should try next? Share you favorite products or recipes in the comment section below.


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