Vietnamese Happy Hour at Ba Bar

Before the smoke rolled in, we enjoyed a delicious happy hour at Ba Bar in Capitol Hill, Seattle. This hip Vietnamese restaurant run by the Saigon Siblings Restaurant Group is a great spot to start (or end) any evening out in Cap Hill.

Happy Hour Outdoors

With dining restrictions in place throughout Seattle, we're always looking for new places to try for outdoor dining - especially while the weather is still nice! Ba Bar in Capitol Hill has been a favorite of ours when looking for a tasty cocktail or elevated Vietnamese cuisine. Just a few months ago, the owners converted a portion of their loading dock into an outdoor dining patio with cute umbrellas, planter barricades, heat lamps for cooler evenings, and, of course, well-spaced dining tables.

Right now, they are running a daily happy hour special from 3 PM to 6 PM featuring discounts on cocktails, small plates, and appetizers. We were so excited to soak in the afternoon sun, sip on a cocktail, and try out all the delicious happy hour dishes. Read more about what we ate down below!

About Ba Bar

"The founders of Monsoon knew they wanted to do something very different, as the typical formula for Vietnamese restaurants in Seattle was quite limited at the time. There were plenty of good phở joints, and a few places were doing decent sugarcane shrimp wraps and the like, but they really wanted to elevate the idea of Vietnamese cuisine altogether. They wanted to use local ingredients. Experiment with tradition. Push the boundaries of “ethnic” food. Introduce the city to something entirely new. Something original." - Saigon Siblings

Ba Bar was founded by the Saigon Siblings restaurant group in 2011. The group owns the popular Monsoon Restaurant which is a great spot for fine dining Vietnamese cuisine (also in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle). Ba Bar focuses on innovative street food, including their signature oxtail pho.

There are three Ba Bar locations in Seattle:

  • Capitol Hill/12th Ave: our favorite location, now featuring the new, beautiful outdoor patio area - right now, service includes takeout and limited dine-in options

  • U Village: this larger dining space in the U Village Mall has private event space for rental - right now, service includes takeout and limited dine-in options as well as an outdoor patio

  • South Lake Union: this location is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Delicious Drinks and Tasty Treats

The last time we went to Ba Bar, we were so excited to find that they were having a daily happy hour! A variety of drinks and small plates were on special so naturally, we ordered nearly one of everything. We love this approach to date night as a way to try lots of different foods while still managing our budget. Some of the dishes we tried this time were:

  • Chicken Wings - the fish sauce honey glaze was AMAZING. The sauce was sticky, sweet, tangy, salty and the chicken was still super crispy. I would highly recommend trying these wings out!

  • Bánh Tôm Hồ Tây - these shrimp fritters are light, crispy and perfect when wrapped in herbs and lettuce and dipped in nuoc cham. These fritters remind me of my partner's mom <3

  • Bánh Nậm - these savory rice cakes steamed in banana leaves with ground pork was a great addition to the meal. This was the most unique dish that we tried.

  • Beef Skewers - delicious grilled beef and veggies, perfect for summer happy hour

  • Grilled Eggplant - I love grilled eggplant and the Ba Bar version of this dish did not disappoint. The eggplant was dressed in a tangy, herbaceous sauce which balanced the creaminess of the veggies perfectly.

Let's Chat!

Have you had the chance to try out Ba Bar? What is your favorite Vietnamese spot in Seattle? We'd love to get your drink and/or food recommendations to try next!


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