Uwajimaya November Haul

Happy November! Halloween and Daylight Saving Time has passed and we are now in the second to final month of the year. November is a great month for warm soups, spicy food, and comforting classics to warm up during the start of winter. This week, we headed to Uwajimaya in Seattle's Chinatown International District for some seasonal produce, lunch to-go, and specialty ingredients.

Uwajimaya is the largest Japanese grocery store in Seattle and one of the largest Asian grocers in all of the Pacific Northwest. The company has been operating since 1928 and provides delicious fresh produce, a butcher shop, fish market, prepared food cafeteria and packaged foods from Japan and across Asia. Currently, there are four Uwajimaya locations: Seattle CID, Renton, Belleview, and Beaverton, OR. They also offer prepared food at Waji's in SeaTac Airport and Kai Market in South Lake Union. For the past year or so, the flagship Seattle location has been undergoing major renovations to their food court and grocery sections. They just recently finished the renovations and the new store is absolutely beautiful. Be sure to go hungry to stock up on all your favorites and pick up some prepared BBQ pork, sushi, poke, or pastries.

Check out what we've got for the week down below and scroll to the bottom of the post to view inside the remodeled grocery store. I've included prices for each category for reference. Stay tuned for recipes using these delicious Uwajimaya finds in the following posts and 'Recipes' section below.


This week, we stocked up on our favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables from the produce isle. We love having fruit and veggies throughout the day as snacks and also incorporating vegetables into our other meals. That said, our produce bill this week was surprisingly low. Buying seasonal fruits and veggies make all the difference for saving money. This week we got:

  • Satsuma Mandarin Oranges

  • Green Cabbage

  • Carrots

  • Fresh Cranberries

  • Mandarin Oranges

  • Onions

Total Cost: $11.16


When it comes to protein, we eat everything - plant based proteins, chicken, seafood, eggs/dairy, and red meat. We try to mix up our protein options throughout the week for our health and the environment. This week we got:

  • Sliced Pork Butt

  • Tofu

  • Andouille Sausage

  • Eggs

  • Almond Milk

Total Cost: $21.42

Canned & Packaged Goods

Uwajimaya has great options for packaged Asian goods. We were able to pick up a few items that will add some flavor to our meals and fill our pantry (great for cooking and snacking). This week we got:

  • Chicken Broth

  • Instant Ramen (shrimp, beef, and kimchi flavors)

  • Hot Pot Soup Base

  • Kimchi Soup Base

  • Mixed Sesame Rice Crackers (made in house)

  • Matcha Kit Kats

Total Cost: $22.52


We will be using these ingredients to make hot pot, a hearty vegetable soup, and a tray bake with roasted vegetables and sausage. We typically have cereal, oatmeal, or eggs for breakfast and make sure that the pantry is stocked with snacks for throughout the day. I am so excited to start using cranberries in my cooking again. They are my favorite fall ingredient in cranberry sauce, baked goods, and even salads. Stay tuned for more great recipes coming to the blog soon.

Uwajimaya Seattle & Hot Pot

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What are your go-to items at Uwajimaya? Any favorite ramen or hot pot recipes? Share you favorites in the comment section below.


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