Summers on Lake Washington

Summers on Lake Washington Boulevard | Seattle Department of Transportation

Happy August from Pierogi and Springroll - I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by! Like cities across the north and pacific northwest, summers are magical and we take every moment we can to get outside and enjoy it. One of my favorite activities is riding my bike along Lake Washington Boulevard. Last summer, Seattle Parks and Seattle Department of Transportation closed a three mile segment of Lake Washington Boulevard all summer long to allow for safe outdoor recreation. This summer, the same program is underway - this time only on weekends but with better signage and clear access to the trails, beaches, and moorage areas. If you get the opportunity to walk, run, jog, roll, or ride your bike along Lake Washington Boulevard, be sure to take your time. Enjoy the beaches, enjoy the scenery, pick some blackberries which are perfectly in season this time of year, and jump in the lake if you get hot. We foraged two large containers of blackberries this past week and will be adding them to smoothies, chia pudding, eating them with ice cream, and making a tangy tart. Stay tuned for more delicious blackberry recipes coming in the future. In the meantime, get outside, enjoy summertime, and stay safe!

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Have you been enjoying summer in Seattle? Where are your favorite places for biking, swimming or having a picnic? Share you thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below and we'll add them to our list of places to visit next!


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