Seattle Snow Day

Snowfall at Fire Station No 6 | William Grose Center for Cultural Innovation | Photo: Pierogi & Springroll

What a weekend we've had in Seattle! Starting in the late hours of Friday February 12th through Saturday the 13th, Seattle was hit by a massive snow storm with over a foot of fresh snowfall - the most snow in decades. We moved to Seattle from Minneapolis, so we know that once the storm is over, some fresh snow is no reason to stay huddled inside. Instead, we took the opportunity to get outside, explore our neighborhood, and enjoy Valentine's and Lunar New Year weekend under the crisp white snow. Driving in winter weather is no easy feat, especially since most neighborhood streets are not plowed in Seattle and drivers here have little to no experience with these conditions. However, the Link Light Rail was running right on schedule and some brave business owners opened up after the storm to neighborhood patrons. We bundled up and headed to Columbia City to enjoy a Valentine's Day brunch in Super Six's outdoor dining tent. The warm, decadent, flavorful Hawaiian food was a perfect contrast to the weather outside. They also have a totally contact-free ordering and service model which is great for limiting the spread of COVID-19. That said, I want to give a HUGE shoutout to their staff who came to work after a snow storm, during a pandemic - restaurant workers are the superheroes in our community. Check out the photo gallery below for our views of Columbia City, Mount Baker, and the Central District.

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Did you get out and enjoy the snow in Seattle? Do you prefer a snowy winter or more mild climate? What are your favorite snow day activities? Share you thoughts in the comment section below.


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