Road Trip Haul

Hello and welcome to another Pierogi and Springroll grocery haul! This week's grocery haul was very different than our usual purchases as we're stocking up for a road trip to visit family. As you'll see in our November newsletter and upcoming posts, we are taking a trip south along the west coast to visit family and work remotely during the holiday season. This is our first big trip since the COVID-19 pandemic began, so we are preparing to eat all our meals on the road or in our accommodations and limit our contact with folks throughout the trip. Because of this, we did a huge haul and pantry raid to stock up on all our road trip favorites.

Check out what breakfast items and snacks we've got for the trip down below and scroll to the bottom of the post to view how we're planning on staying safe during travel. We know that any trip involves some risk taking, but we're stocking up ahead of time to minimize those risks along the drive.


While we're traveling, we will be eating simple breakfasts on the road or in our hotel room. We stocked up on some quick, hearty breakfasts which will help us save money (the oatmeal cups were just $1.50 a serving) and are perfectly contained in to-go cups, so no dishes are required. We will be enjoying:

  • Oatmeal cups

  • Muesli cups

  • Cliff bars - the sierra trail mix is my favorite because it has actual nuts, seeds, and dried fruits mixed in

  • Kodiak Pancake in a Cup - this looked really intriguing so I am excited to try it out!

  • Apple sauce

  • Dried mangoes

  • Coconut milk - we bought the shelf stable variety for easier traveling

  • Tea - a selection from home


One of my favorite parts of taking a road trip is stocking up on delicious snacks. As you know from our other grocery hauls, we typically eat lots of fruits and veggies and try to balance healthy proteins with some small snacks during the day. All that good behavior goes out the window on a road trip and we enjoy the salty, crunchy, sweet treats throughout our drive and evenings in hotels. For this trip, we'll be munching on:

  • Mixed rice crackers

  • Cheeze Its

  • Beef sticks

  • Summer sausage

  • Pocky

  • Mochi (green tea, red bean, and sesame)

  • Hi Chew candies

  • Matcha Kit Kats - bought these in our Uwajimaya haul earlier this month and had to buy more they are so tasty

  • S'mores - we'll be enjoying campfires on the beach, weather permitting

  • Incline Cranberry Hard Cider - I'm in the cranberry spirit this year with lots of great recipes and drink options to try.

COVID Prevention Supplies

This is our first long trip since COVID-19 restrictions have been in place. With increasing cases across the country and new state-wide restrictions across the west coast, we are taking lots of precautions. First, we got a COVID test here in Seattle to confirm that we didn't have the virus prior to leaving Seattle. You can get a free COVID test at one of the City's four testing sites even if you don't have symptoms or confirmed contact with an infected person. Next, we packed lots of supplies to keep us safe at hotels, gas stations, and grocery stores (for food as needed).

  • KN95 masks (N95 masks are limited to frontline medical staff)

  • Cloth and paper masks

  • Sanitizing spray to disinfect surfaces

  • Antiseptic wipes

  • Gloves

  • Hand sanitizer

We had most of these supplies already, but did buy the sanitizing spray which will be an efficient way to sanitize surfaces in our different hotel stays. We also booked accommodations with strong COVID standards and kitchenettes so that we can minimize exposure at restaurants and grocery stores while we're traveling.

Let's chat!

Have you traveled since the pandemic has began? What are your go-to road trip snacks? Share you favorites in the comment section below.


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