Restaurant Bingo: Ballard Edition

Happy Friday from Pierogi and Springroll! To kick off this weekend and provide some date-night inspiration, we have another installation in the restaurant bingo series: Ballard Neighborhood. We have been mostly staying in our area of the city since COVID-19 restrictions went into place almost a year ago. Now that the weather is warmer and drier, we have been getting out to explore more around Seattle and I am grateful that we did. Ballard is a phenomenal, historic neighborhood with a thriving business district. These local businesses have really taken advantage of covered, heated, street dining this winter. Dozens of restaurants along Ballard Ave NW (one of the main streets in the neighborhood) have set up outdoor seating that is cozy, yet safe for dining at this time. On our most recent visit, we checked out two more places:

  • The Gerald: New Spot (to us!)

  • Bitterroot BBQ: Ballard

Check out the photo gallery and read more below about everything we got on our night out in Ballard. Be sure to read about our first two stops: Ba Bar and Cupcake Royale in our first restaurant bingo post.

Learn more about each of the restaurants and dishes we tried throughout the evening down below; I've included addresses, websites, and prices for reference. Both places have great prices and some happy hour specials for a date night in the city (note food was for two and we had cocktails at both locations). We like to share dishes to try lots of different things and keep costs a littler lower. Stay tuned for more great Seattle spots in the coming weeks as we explore the city and fill in our bingo board!

The Gerald

If you like Korean-inspired treats, hip interior design, or fancy cocktails, be sure to check out The Gerald while visiting Ballard. Their menu features a variety of entrées and small plates; we always opt for small plates when we check out a new restaurant so that we can be sure to try lots of different dishes. This is a great way to get a flavor (pun intended) of the restaurant while not getting overly full on one item. This weekend we tried the spicy chicken wings, kimchi fried rice with pork belly, and tteokbokki - a rice cake in a deep, sweet and smoky pepper sauce with melted cheese and fish cakes. The kimchi fried rice was rich and complex in flavor, complemented perfectly by the smoky pork belly. The chicken wings were crispy, sweet, tangy, and spicy. We paired our decadent treats with a creamy, lavender earl grey cocktail and a spicy gochugang, mezcal cocktail. At the time of this post, the Gerald is offering limited indoor and outdoor dining as well as a to-go menu.

Address: 5210 Ballard Ave NW

Website: | Instagram: @thegeraldseattle

Total Cost: $56

Bitterroot BBQ

After our delicious small plates and cocktails at the Gerald, we walked around the neighborhood to check out all the outdoor dining options and make space for more delicious food. We landed on dinner at Bitterroot BBQ, also located right on Ballard Ave. Bitterroot BBQ is a great spot when you're craving comfort food like smoked meats, mac and cheese, and bbq brisket. At present, their entire menu is to-go, with heated and covered outdoor seating located along the street in front of the restaurant. We shared the smoked buffalo wings and mac and cheese with pulled pork and smoked jalapenos. Everything was flavorful, smoky, rich, and delicious. The mac and cheese portion was massive - more than enough to split for two. We paired our bbq feast with a refreshing cocktail to-go - the Puget Sound Punch - which included bright citrus, peach, and passionfruit. It even came in a cute and clever zip pouch to keep the cocktail from spilling if you were taking it home. It was the perfect sweet and tangy compliment to our smoky, decadent treats.

Address: 5239 Ballard Ave NW

Website: | Instagram: @bitterrootbbq

Total Cost: $34

Let's chat!

What are your favorite takeout spots in Ballard? Do you want to participate in restaurant bingo? Check out Curiocity Seattle for your own bingo board and share where you've been! Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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