Moving Weekend Takeout

This weekend, we moved to a new apartment! We are still in the Central District area of Seattle, just a mile away from our previous apartment. Even with the short distance, we packed up our kitchen (and every other room) and made plenty of trips over to the new place. In the process, we got pretty hungry and decided to patronize some of our favorite local businesses along South Jackson Street:

  • Broadcast Coffee & Temple Pastries

  • Chef Café

  • Moonlight Vietnamese Café

Check out the photo gallery and read more below about everything we got throughout the weekend.

Learn more about each of the restaurants and dishes we tried throughout the weekend down below; I've included addresses, websites, and prices for reference. All three places have great prices (note food was for two). Stay tuned for more great Seattle Central District spots in the coming months as we explore our new corner of the neighborhood!

Broadcast Coffee & Temple Pastries

If you have been following the blog, you know all about our love for Broadcast Coffee and their newest partner Temple Pastries - check out these my 5 favorite coffee shops post for more information. We started off our moving weekend with a quick run to grab an almond milk latte, chai tea, and two of their rotating pastries: the horchata donut and the sesame miso cruffin (croissant-muffin). The donut was soft, fluffy, and filled with creamy cinnamon and vanilla cream. It was sweet, but not overly sugary or greasy which is perfect for a donut. I will preface the next review by stating that Temple Pastries' cruffins are my favorite pastry in all of Seattle and a MUST try if they are available when you visit. The sesame miso cruffin held up to this high standard. The pastry was buttery, flakey, and decadent. The center of the cruffin oozed with a rich, savory-sweet miso caramel which was perfectly contrasted by the exterior's crunchy, nutty sesame seeds. Temple Pastries' menu rotates and some of their pastries sell out quickly so be sure to get there early for a great selection.

Address: 2524 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Website: | Instagram: @broadcastcoffee

Total Cost: $20

Chef Café

After a long first day of moving, we were hungry and ready for a satisfying, yet healthy dinner. We headed to Chef Café to grab some of our favorite Ethiopian dishes. While we aren't vegetarian or vegan, we are always looking for healthy, plant-based meals and Ethiopian food always has some great options. For this dinner, we shared the vegetarian combo which included two different lentil dishes, ochre, spinach, and cabbage. The entire dish was served with fresh injera and a side salad. To top things off, we got a few sambusas stuffed with savory lentils and onions. If you are looking for delicious and affordable Ethiopian food, definitely check out Chef Café!

Address: 2200 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144


Total Cost: $18

Moonlight Vietnamese Café

After the stress and hard work of two days worth of moving, we grabbed dinner at Moonlight Vietnamese Café. This is one of our favorite Vietnamese spots in Seattle. They serve up all the standards (pho, bun/vermicelli salad, rice plates) as well as some less common dishes and a combo platter that allows you to build your own spring rolls at home. Moonlight also has an extensive vegan menu as well as plenty of great options for vegetarians and folks who eat meat as well so it can be a great choice if you have a mix of dietary needs. To celebrate the end of a long weekend, we each got a bun/vermicelli salad filled with delicious grilled pork, crunchy pickled vegetables, fresh herbs, tender rice noodles, and crispy egg rolls. The dish is satisfying, complex and fresh. At $10 per bowl, it's a pretty great dinner deal and very healthy too. Plus, you can order directly from their website for take out which is perfect for a no-contact and quick dinner.

Address: 1919 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144


Total Cost: $28

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What are your favorite takeout spots in the Central District? What are your go-to meals while moving? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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