Leavenworth and the Cascades

Businesses along Front Street | Leavenworth, WA | Photo: Pierogi & Springroll

Happy June from Pierogi and Springroll - spring and summer off to a busy start and, fortunately, we have had some lovely summer weather to get out and explore! After taking the month of May to travel and spend some long-anticipated time with family, we are back with all new content and recipes - just in time for summer. Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, we headed east into the Cascade Mountains to explore the area, go hiking, and check out some local towns. We spent the day in Leavenworth, Washington - a beautiful German-inspired village tucked away into the mountains along the Wenatchee River. The town is famous for Christmas and Octoberfest celebrations, but is great to visit in the summertime because of all the amazing hiking in the area. Leavenworth is a historic logging town about two hours northeast of Seattle and home to a beautiful downtown with restaurants, breweries, specialty shops, and entertainment. At present, the main road through town is closed through vehicle traffic - allowing customers to enjoy their meals and drinks while taking in the sunshine and sights of the town. While buildings today feature beautiful murals and Bavarian architecture, this wasn't always the case. In the 1960s, after decades of decline, the Leavenworth Improvement for Everyone (LIFE) project worked to bring residents and businesses together to create a alpine village - rehabilitating old storefronts and attracting tourists to the area - revitalizing the dying town. In short, the plan worked! Leavenworth is a thriving year-round destination for outdoor recreation, dining, and shopping with over a million tourists visiting every year. Check out the photo gallery below for our time in Leavenworth and the Cascade Mountains.

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Have you been enjoying the first weeks of summer in Seattle and the region? Where are your favorite places to travel? Share you thoughts and recommendations in the comment section below and we'll add them to our list of places to visit next!


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