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Welcome to Pierogi and Springroll - a blog about our lives, our love for food, and getting to know each other and ourselves through food, culture, and community.

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Andrew and Katrina at Kerry Park in Seattle, WA

About Us

Andrew and I met 7 years ago at graduate school at the University of Minnesota. Two years ago, we decided to move to Seattle, WA. We are both urban planners and love getting to know and building relationships with the people and places we live and work to build stronger, healthier, and more just communities - I think this is what draws me to my work. I had never left the Midwest, but am so grateful for this adventure and where it has taken us personally and professionally.

Life in Seattle

Seattle is an amazing city, right on the Puget Sound, filled with numerous neighborhoods, hills, valleys, lakes, rivers, and mountain ranges (outside of the city limits). The City and its many neighborhoods have become a second home and community us and an amazing space for us to share meals, adventures, and conversations. We’re both excited to explore with you and learn more about ourselves and our community along the way.

Pierogi & Springroll

We're creating a blog that is filled with all the good stuff

In January 2019, Andrew and I were sitting in one of our favorite local spots, Victrola Coffee, planning our wedding. We were trying to come up with a clever wedding hashtag and website for the event. Our last names, Tran and Nygaard, don’t really lend themselves, and our original (pre-COVID) date and venue wasn't catchy either. But what is important for us is our diverse cultural backgrounds and love for exploring, eating, and cooking. From this love (and a lot of coffee), Pierogi & Springroll was born.

This blog will include recipes, restaurant reviews, grocery hauls, and general posts about our lives and adventures in Seattle. It’s an experiment - our first time creating this type of content. We welcome your feedback, ideas, questions, and comments. While it is starting off as a project for us to document our own experiences, we hope it will grow into a community of folks who share a mutual respect for our diverse backgrounds and love delicious food as much as we do.

Good Stuff

Thank you for joining us on this blogging journey. Like a pierogi or a springroll, it’s sure to be filled with all the good stuff.

- K


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