Early Fall Grocery Haul

It is now mid-September and the seasons are starting to change. The first day of autumn is just a week away. The leaves are starting to change and nights are cooling off in Seattle. Unfortunately, our beautiful city is covered in a thick blanket of wildfire smoke, but I am hopeful that the cooler, wetter weather of fall will stop the burning and clear the air. As the season changes, so does our grocery list. We always try to incorporate seasonal produce into our cooking - this is a great way to get the freshest flavors and save some money! This week's haul includes a mix of late summer and early autumn produce.

This week, we shopped at H Mart - a Korean grocery chain with locations across the Seattle region. H Mart is a great grocery store with packaged and prepared Asian foods, wide selection of banchan and pickled/fermented foods, huge seafood and butcher shop, and great selection of produce. The location in our area also has a cafeteria so we were able to enjoy some delicious tofu soup from I Luv Tofu prior to our shopping trip. Our pantry is pretty well-stocked, so most of our groceries this week included produce and meat. We will definitely do an H Mart haul where we focus on Korean packaged goods and specialty items at some point in the future.

Check out what we've got for the week down below. I've included prices for reference. Stay tuned for recipes using these fall produce finds in following posts.


The bulk of our groceries this week were from the produce isle. Summer in the Pacific Northwest is coming to an end, but there are more and more fall/winter vegetables available which is great for hearty, seasonal recipes. This week we got:

  • Lettuce

  • English cucumber

  • Twisted Caesar Salad Kit (romaine lettuce, yellow and blue corn tortilla chips, corn, parmesan cheese, avocado caesar dressing )

  • Golden beets

  • Turnips

  • Potatoes

  • Carrots

  • Pears

Total Cost: $17.95

Protein & Packaged Goods

When it comes to protein, we eat everything - plant based proteins, chicken, seafood, eggs/dairy, and red meat. We try to mix up our protein options throughout the week for our health and the environment. We have a lot of pantry staples at home right now, so I've lumped in our grains and packaged goods into this category as well. This week we got:

  • Roasted Deli Chicken

  • Chuck roast (beef)

  • Tofu

  • Almond Milk

  • Seattle Sourdough Bread

Total Cost: $26.48


We will be using these ingredients to make a hearty roast beef and autumn vegetable stew, fried tofu noodle salad, sandwiches, and our morning coffee and tea lattes. We typically have cereal or eggs for breakfast and make sure that the pantry is stocked with snacks for throughout the day. We are still both working from home so a well-stocked pantry has been key! Stay tuned for posts with more late summer/early fall recipes coming to the blog soon.

Let's chat!

What items are on your list as we transition to fall? Have your stores started selling seasonal (aka pumpkin spice) foods and beverages yet? I may have do a pumpkin spice themed haul in the near future...


thanks for hanging out with us.

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