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This past weekend, I headed to WinCo Foods to stock up on lots of pantry staples from their bulk bin section. In the spirit of Plastic Free July, I wanted to do a grocery trip with less plastic, especially when so many pantry staples come in plastic packaging. In addition to super low prices, WinCo Foods has a massive bulk bin section of their store which is perfect for buying exactly what you need and reducing waste. We used some old takeout containers to store our pantry haul which was a great way to reuse some single use plastic from earlier this year. For this week's dinners, we are getting outside and grilling. We love the rich flavors and textures of grilled meats and vegetables - plus clean up is always really easy! We've also got a full pantry of staples for breakfasts, lunches, and to simply have on hand.

Check out what we've got for the week down below; I've included prices for each category for reference. Stay tuned for simple summer recipes using these delicious finds in the following posts as well as my "What I eat in a Wednesday" series in my instagram stories. We love checking out new stores and trying out the bulk bins for dry goods - be sure to share your favorite places and must-try items in the comment section below.

Follow along all month while we share our tips for a more sustainable kitchen and home and check out last week's post on simple sustainable kitchen swaps for more inspiration!

Bulk Bin Items

This week, in honor of Plastic Free July, we stocked up on lots of dried legumes, grains, and snacks. WinCo Foods had a massive selection ranging from cereals and granolas, to candy, to pantry staples like pasta, oats and rice. They also had some bulk liquids like oils and vinegars that we will have to try next time we go. This week we got a mix of items to restock our pantry:

  • Chia seeds

  • Red lentils

  • Chickpeas/garbanzo beans

  • Fried crispy chick peas (ranch and sriracha flavors)

  • Israeli cous cous

  • Cheese tortellini

  • Honey roasted peanut butter (fresh ground - yum!)

Total Cost: $14.20

Protein, Produce & Packaged Goods

Although we had fun shopping from the bulk bins, we always eat a well balanced diet of fruit, vegetables and animal and plant based protein. We used our trip to WinCo Foods to also complete our weekly shopping focusing on in-season produce and our favorite meats and veggies for grilling. Despite stocking up on lots of pantry items from the bulk bins, the vast majority of our budget this week went to:

  • Pork ribs

  • Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

  • Bavarian Meats - cured beef sticks

  • Eggs

  • Spinach

  • Zucchini

  • Onion

  • Sweet corn

  • Lettuce

  • Mandarin oranges

  • Bing cherries

  • Cucumber

  • Mango (frozen)

  • Mixed berries (frozen)

  • Tomatoes (canned)

  • Sparkling water

  • Oat milk

  • Tajin chili lime seasoning

Total Cost: $64.11

Let's Chat!

What are your favorite bulk bin items? Do you have a favorite grocery store we should check out next? Share you favorite products or recipes in the comment section below.


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