5 Fried Tofu Recipes to Try

Happy Fry-Day from Pierogi and Springroll! I want to start this post by acknowledge that there has been a lot of pain in the Asian American community this past year, with xenophobic and hate fueled violence and murders being perpetuated in communities across the country - each racist incident compounds and builds on the last. This post was originally going to be shared last Friday, but we have been taking time to slow down and reflect. Today, I want to acknowledge the trauma that has been perpetuated for generations from societal and nation-wide policies to daily microagressions in our workplaces and public spaces. At the same time, I also want to celebrate some amazing Asian American & Canadian food bloggers. Their work to create amazing recipes, videos, and posts adds so much to our at-home cooking experience. We wouldn't be who we are today without their hard work and willingness to share their food with our communities. In addition to supporting local restaurants, markets, creators, I am committing to supporting my friends and family in a journey of anti-racism every day. There are lots of valuable resources in the Seattle area if you are experiencing hate, violence, or trauma:

All five recipes today feature amazing tofu-forward dishes from some of my favorite Asian food bloggers, chefs, and recipe developers. Whether you use a prepared tofu from your local supermarket or fry/air fry your own, these recipes are a great way to highlight the ingredient and add some plant-based protein to your diet. If you're in the Seattle area, be sure to check out Thahn Son Tofu - their fried tofu is ready to eat and delicious! You can find it directly at their storefront in Seattle's Little Saigon neighborhood or in numerous Asian supermarkets in the region including Uwajimaya.

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1. Salt and Pepper Tofu | Woks of Life

This classic pan-fried tofu from the Woks of Life balances salty, spicy, tangy, and garlicy flavors with crispy-soft tofu. The fresh jalapeños, green onions, and fried crunchy garlic are the perfect accompaniments to the salt and pepper fried tofu. This recipe includes instructions for marinating and frying the tofu yourself, but you could substitute prepared tofu for a super quick dinner.

2. Soy-Brown Sugar Glazed Tofu | Spice the Plate

If you prefer a sticky, sweet and savory glaze for your tofu, be sure to check out Spice the Plate's soy-brown sugar glazed tofu recipe. Her soy glaze is what takes the otherwise plain protein to the next level. As she notes in her recipe, be sure to save the extra glaze for dipping sauce because it is just that tasty!

3. One-Pot Red Curry Peanut Ramen | Sweet Simple Vegan

What could be better than combining two amazing dishes: red curry and ramen? Sweet Simple Vegan has a great one-pot recipe for a savory, creamy, red curry with fried tofu that is completely vegan (of course). Best of all, this dish is complete in just 30 minutes or even less if you're using prepared tofu! Be sure to check out their blog and youtube channel for vegan versions of Filipino favorites as well.

4. Braised Tofu Sichuan Style | Red House Spice

Red House Spice is an amazing Chinese cooking blog with plenty of easy recipes to try at home and helpful instagram tutorials. This Sichuan style braised tofu takes simple fried tofu to the next level - packed with umami flavor and spice. This recipe post includes helpful tips for frying your own tofu at home and ingredient substitutions if you can't find the Sichuan Chili Bean paste at your local Chinese supermarket.

5. Tofu Nori Wraps | Cheap Lazy Vegan

To round out the list of fried tofu recipes, I have a fun, vegan twist on tradition sushi hand rolls: Cheap Lazy Vegan's Tofu Nori Wraps. These wraps use nori sheets and a popular folding technique to enclose pockets of fried tofu, rice, and crisp vegetables. Be sure to slice your tofu into thin pieces to fit in the triangular wrap. Check out her youtube channel for more quick and easy vegan recipes.

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How are you processing and supporting your Asian friends, neighbors, and family members at this time? How can we help you? What are your go-to fried tofu recipes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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