5 Delicious Latke Recipes

Happy Hanukkah from Pierogi and Springroll! We know the holiday season is looking a lot different for many families (including our own) this year. In fact, most of the major Jewish holidays this year have been celebrated at home, in quarantine. We are deeply sorry for everyone and their families who has had a dark year and are hoping the season sends a little light to each of you. Today, we're sharing five latke recipes, from classic and traditional, to vegan, to surprising twists. We hope that these different recipes will provide brightness and inspiration during the season.

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1. Classic Potato Latkes | Flavors of Diaspora

Potato latkes have been a classic Hanukkah dish since the 1800s. While fried pancakes have hundreds of years of history around the Jewish holiday including fried cheese pancakes from Italy, the potato latke many associate with the holiday today is a product of ingredients available to Ashkenazi farmers in Poland and Ukraine during the mid 1800s. Learn more about the history and geography of latkes and step-by-step instructions from Flavors of Diaspora.

2. Vegan Latkes | I Love Vegan

If you have been following the blog for a while now, you'll know that I always love to include a vegan recipe in the mix. While I am not vegan, I often choose meatless recipes for the health, environmental, and financial benefits - eating plant-based is better for your body, the environment, and your budget. This vegan version of traditional latkes from I Love Vegan is great for anyone (or their holiday guests) following a vegan or dairy-free diet and includes a recipe for vegan tzatziki sauce to serve with the latkes - yum!

3. Breakfast Hash Latkes | Immigrant's Table

I love potato pancakes for dinner, why not try them for breakfast too? This recipe from Immigrant's Table includes a traditional latke topped with kale, roasted tomatoes, almonds, and a fried egg. Perfect for leftovers the next morning or a brunch all on its own. Leave off the egg or add scrambled tofu to keep this recipe totally vegan.

4. Root Vegetable Latkes | Leiti's Culinaria

As you'll see throughout these recipes, white potatoes almost always serve as the base of the latke. This recipe from Leiti's Culinaria is delicious and hearty because, in addition to potatoes, it also incorporates sweet potatoes, parsnips, beets, and turnips. The other root vegetables give these latkes a beautiful pink-orange color. These vegetables are in season now making this dish a hearty, flavorful, budget friendly twist on the classic.

5. Tex-Mex Latkes | Melinda Strauss

To round out the list of latke recipes, I have an adventurous twist on the dish: Tex-Mex Latkes from Melinda Strauss. These latkes include many of the traditional ingredients plus lots of Tex-Mex flavors from refried beans, corn, and jalapeño. Enjoy them this holiday season or any time you are craving crispy potato pancakes and tacos and just can't choose!

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What are your go-to Hanukkah recipes? Do you have any favorite recipes or twists on classic holiday dishes? Share your ideas and favorites in the comments below.


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