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January 2021

Happy New Year from Pierogi and Springroll!


It's officially 2021 and we're excited to kick off the new year at Pierogi & Springroll Blog. This year, we will be continuing to share our adventures eating, cooking, and exploring Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. 


We're now back in Seattle and adjusting to the rainy season after spending the months of November and December with family in southern California and New Mexico. This month, we have already enjoyed an amazing produce haul from Imperfect Foods and made some green chile mac & cheese with Hatch chiles from our travels. If you're interested in trying out Imperfect Foods for yourself, check out this discount code for $25 off your first order (in addition to the great savings you'll already find on their produce, meats, and prepared food items).


Stay tuned this month for more recipes, takeout/restaurant visits, and outdoor adventures - winter hiking in Seattle is great because the forests come alive with moss and ferns and the trails are much quieter than summer months.


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No matter what, remember to always fill your life with the good stuff!

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