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February 2021


Welcome back to the Pierogi and Springroll monthly newsletter and happy February! We are in full Seattle winter mode but COVID restrictions are easing up and we are braving the weather to enjoy some of our favorite activities and places to eat. We and are so excited to keep exploring Seattle (and beyond - more about that below), cooking up new recipes, and creating new content to share with you all.


This past month has been filled with winter hikes, cozy recipes - Cambodian Coconut Curry and Green Chile Mac n Cheese, and a grocery haul from our favorite Vietnamese supermarket. In honor of MLK Jr Day, we featured some of our favorite black-owned businesses in Seattle. February is black history month so be sure to check these places out this month (and all the time because they are amazing!)


February is a busy month ahead. We just moved to a new apartment and are in the process of clearing out our old space and setting up the new one. We're still in the Central District, but have a bit more space and are close to all our favorite neighborhood spots. Check out our first post this month for all the delicious take out we enjoyed throughout the moving process. We'll keep you updated as we explore the new neighborhood and beyond.


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No matter what, remember to always fill your life with the good stuff!

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